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Instander is an android apk which allows users to download high-quality photos, videos, IGTV, and Reels that are on instagram. Furthermore, it also offers some extra features such as an ad-free experience to users, and the ability to copy instagram profile bios, comments, descriptions, and more.

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Instander APK gives a unique Instagram experience by providing some extra unique features, making it possible to use Instagram in a completely new way. By using Instander, you get the capability to effortlessly save and engage with instagram content.

What is an Instander APK?

Do you know that downloading media files, like videos or images from Instagram, needs the use of a downloader? Have you ever considered the difficulty of maintaining mystery in other people’s stories and posts without revealing your presence? These are just a few challenges faced by users of the official Instagram application.

The latest Instander APK is designed to provide Instagram users with additional beneficial features that are not in Instagram addressing the mentioned issues. This app offers an alternative platform for accessing your Instagram account, which is different from the basic IG application. By downloading Instander, You will open up a new world of enhanced social experiences by unlocking extra features that are not available in the official Instagram app.

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Download Instander APK Latest Version

Instander APK comes with the latest updates so that user can get benefit from the latest version. The most recent update of the Instander APK comes with all features unlocked, along with bug fixes and updates from the previous version. Since it’s create by third party developer, so you won’t be able to download the app on the Play Store. But, you can use the below-provided link to easily download the latest Instander APK today, ensuring you enjoy an optimal online social experience.

Difference between Clone & UnClone

Both apps are developed by the same developer but these files have different package names so that user can install two apps in a single device. Clone version has package name and can be independently installed as a standalone application. On the other hand, the Unclone version is identified by the com.insta package name and requires the removal of the original Instagram app before a successful installation can be achieved.

Features of Instander App

Instander APK offers all the functionalities of Instagram and offers comparable features. Its main purpose is to offer some extra features that users need but are unavailable in the original Instagram app. These additional features include the following:

Download Media

Instander allows you to download images and videos from Instagram.

Close Friends

The Instander app allows you to share your story or post with your close friends. You can create your own close friends list.

Hide Stories

This app allows you to hide stories from your followers. You can choose specific users to see your stories.

Allow Message Replies

Instander allows you to control who can reply to your posts, avoiding unwanted negative comments that often appear at the top of the screen on regular Instagram.

Save Story to Archive

Activate the feature on Instander to automatically save photos and videos in your archive when you lack device space, ensuring privacy by restricting access with a password and allowing live videos to be saved in archives for 30 days, visible only to you.


Instander’s fantastic feature allows you to control who can add your feed posts to their stories, turn off the sharing of photos and videos from your story as messages, and optionally auto-share them to your Facebook story.

No Advertisements

With Instander on your Android device, enjoy an ad-free Instagram experience, excluding sponsored ads from your feed, and easily disable ads in the privacy settings.

Wide Search Content

Explore a world of entertainment with IGTV, discovering popular videos, following your favorite celebrities, and accessing diverse content like DIY videos, travel, food, art, styles, TV, and movies, offering something for everyone to discover and learn.

Analytics & Crash Reports

In the privacy settings, users can choose to disable analytics, preventing the analysis of data collected from in-app activity, or enable it for a more personalized user experience; additionally, users can opt to send crash reports for service improvement or bug resolution.

Ghost Mode

Enhance your mystery with Instander by disabling typing status, hiding your presence as a viewer on stories, and using the ‘Don’t mark directly as read’ feature to read messages without notifying the sender.

Quality Improvements

Unlock enhanced quality in various Instagram files, including IGTV, photos, reels, and stories, by enabling the ‘Photos in max quality’ option, eliminating the usual compression restrictions, and allowing for high-quality or original-format image viewing.

Smart Gestures

Instander allows customizable gestures such as swiping to navigate, long-tapping to zoom on photos, and double-tapping to like, offering subtle yet significant distinctions in platform interaction.


Instander offers various minor yet significant features, such as full-screen stories, an in-app browser for direct link following, toggleable auto-playing videos, suggested friends, the option to hide liked posts, and story cropping, allowing users to customize settings based on their preferences.

Donate to get verified

Support the Instander app by donating to the developer and, as a token of appreciation, receive a verified Instander supporter badge visible only to fellow Instander users, simply comment with your username, send a transaction screenshot and your username via email, and await the badge.

Discover People

Find potential soulmates by DMing active Instagram users from your contact list, exploring their lives and stories for a deeper connection.

Instander Vs Instagram

While the official Instagram app is widely trusted, Instander offers distinct advantages. It introduces extra features like HD media downloads and advanced privacy settings, providing more control over interactions. Addressing privacy concerns, Instander enhances settings for content visibility and message handling, offering an additional layer of security. The customizable interface allows personalization with various themes, fonts, and colors, creating a unique app, while the absence of ads contributes to a streamlined and enjoyable user experience.

Is Instander APK Safe To Download?

instander security check

Instander APK is 100% secure, if you are thinking about your device & data security then it’s very good. Here we provide 100% safe Instander App for you.

As shown in the image It is tested on Virustotal & result is no virus is detected. We are giving the safe link to Download Instander App, Click on the above button for the App.

Download Instander App

Just click on the button below to download the Instander App. It’s 100% safe to download the app and you can check it yourself.

How To Install Instander App?

Follow these simple steps to download and install Instander APK on your Android device:

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources – Go to your device’s settings, navigate to “Security,” and enable “Unknown Sources.” This will allow you to install apps from external sources.

Step 2: Find a trusted source – Search online for to download APK file.

Step 3: Download and Install – Locate the downloaded file and tap on it to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 4: Open and Enjoy – After installation, launch the app from your app drawer. Congratulations! You now have installed the app on your device.

  • Enhanced Features: Instander offers additional features such as HD media downloads, advanced privacy settings, and customizable interfaces, providing an enriched Instagram experience.
  • Privacy Control: The app addresses privacy concerns by offering enhanced settings, giving users more control over who can access their content and how messages are handled, and providing an extra layer of privacy compared to the official app.
  • User Experience: Instander allows users to personalize their experience with various themes, fonts, and colors, creating a unique and enjoyable app interface. The absence of ads contributes to a streamlined and ad-free user experience.
  • Support and Recognition: Users have the option to support the developer by donating and, in return, receive a verified supporter badge visible to other Instander users, fostering a sense of community.
  • Third-Party Nature: Instander is not available on official app stores, requiring users to download an APK from third-party sources. This may pose security risks and goes against the conventional installation process.
  • Unofficial Status: As a modified version of Instagram, Instander is not an official release. This means users might encounter compatibility issues, and the app may not always align with Instagram’s updates and changes.
  • Verification Process: While the supporter badge is a unique feature, the process involves manual verification through donation and email submission, which might be perceived as cumbersome compared to the streamlined verification process on the official Instagram app.
  • Risk of Modification: As with any third-party app, there’s a risk that the modifications made in Instander could lead to instability or potential bugs that could affect the user experience negatively.
  • Uncertain Future Updates: Since Instander is not an official Instagram release, the app’s future updates may be uncertain, and users might miss out on the latest features and improvements introduced by Instagram.



How does Instander enhance Instagram features?

Instander introduces various enhancements, including HD media downloads, advanced privacy settings, customizable interfaces, and the removal of ads for a more streamlined user experience.

How does Instander address privacy concerns?

Instander provides enhanced privacy settings, giving users more control over who can see their content and how messages are handled, offering an extra layer of privacy compared to the official Instagram app.

Can I customize my Instander experience?

Yes, Instander allows users to personalize their experience by choosing different themes, fonts, and colors, creating a unique app interface.

Is Instander available on official app stores?

No, Instander is not available on official app stores. Users need to download the APK from third-party sources, which may pose security risks.